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Team Leader Medicinal Chemistry
Mechelen, Belgium Research - Mechelen
Facilities Officer
Romainville, France Shared Services - Romainville
Associate Scientist in vitro Biology
Mechelen, Belgium Research - Mechelen
Preclinical ADME Lead
Romainville, France Preclinical Development - Romainville, Mechelen, Leiden
Internship - Molecular Modelling & Design
Romainville, France Research - Romainville
Internship - Process Research Chemistry
Romainville, France CMC - Romainville
Internship - Translational science
Romainville, France Research - Romainville
Purchaser, Category Manager CRO
Mechelen, Belgium Procurement - Mechelen
IMP Qualified Person
Mechelen, Belgium Development Operations - Mechelen
Senior Technician Scale-up
Romainville, France CMC - Romainville
CMC Drug Product Development Lead
Mechelen, Belgium CMC - Mechelen
Development Program Manager, Early Development
Mechelen, Belgium Development Portfolio - Mechelen, Leiden
Team leader Chemistry
Romainville, France Research - Romainville
Medical Director
Mechelen, Belgium Clinical Development - Mechelen, Leiden, Romainville
Clinical Pharmacology (Senior) Lead
Romainville, France Clinical Pharmacology - Romainville, Mechelen, Leiden
Senior Scientist Fibrosis in vitro pharmacology
Mechelen, Belgium Research - Mechelen
Scientific Evaluation Lead
Mechelen, Belgium Research - Mechelen, Leiden
Information System Analyst
Romainville, France IS - Romainville, Mechelen, Leiden
Associate Medical Director
Mechelen, Belgium Clinical Development - Mechelen, Leiden, Romainville
Medical Writer
Mechelen, Belgium Biometrics - Mechelen, Leiden
Internship IT Systems Support
Romainville, France IT - Romainville
Regulatory Affairs Lead
Mechelen, Belgium Regulatory Affairs - Mechelen, Leiden
Statistical Programmer
Mechelen, Belgium Biometrics - Mechelen, Leiden
Associate Preclinical ADME Lead
Romainville, France Preclinical Development - Romainville, Mechelen, Leiden
Manager Quality Monitoring Research
Mechelen, Belgium Quality & Compliance - Mechelen, Leiden
Manager Quality Monitoring Development
Mechelen, Belgium Quality & Compliance - Mechelen, Leiden
Clinical Project Planner, Drug Development
Mechelen, Belgium Development Operations - Mechelen, Leiden
Clinical Data Manager
Mechelen, Belgium Biometrics - Mechelen, Leiden
Clinical Trial Assistant
Mechelen, Belgium Clinical Operations - Mechelen, Leiden
Clinical Study Lead
Mechelen, Belgium Clinical Operations - Mechelen, Leiden
Mechelen, Belgium Biometrics - Mechelen, Leiden
Clinical Operation Lead
Mechelen, Belgium Clinical Operations - Mechelen, Leiden
Regulatory Affairs Liason
Mechelen, Belgium Regulatory Affairs - Mechelen, Leiden

Open Applications

In addition to the vacancies listed, we encourage open applications from suitable individuals. Do you feel you can contribute to the growth of Galapagos and are you ready to take a next step?

Working at Galapagos

We think big. Do you?

At Galapagos we discover and develop molecules for medicines with novel modes of action. Innovative medicines that can change people’s lives. We not only want to develop them. We aim to deliver them to patients, too.

Doing both is unusual for a biotech company. But we think big. To put this in perspective: yes, we want to become the biggest biotech in Europe. Most of all, we want to have a big impact on people. Many people. With life improving medicines.

This ambition cannot be realized by average people in an average culture. In the 18 years of our existence we have held on to our creative, dynamic and open-minded working environment. Everything evolves, but not our culture.

Our people are our biggest strength. We work with professionals that excel in what they are good at. With our dramatic growth in clinical programs, we wish to recruit the best experts in drug development in Europe. All disciplines, many positions.

People in Clinical Operations, Biometrics, Medical Affairs, Medical Science, Clinical Pharmacology, Chemical manufacturing, Project Management, Quality Monitoring, etc. We are looking for experienced, open-minded and ambitious candidates, ready to make a difference in a very dynamic working environment. People who dare to think big. You?

Our Team

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Head of Regulatory Affairs
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Senior Chemistry Lead Development
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Chemical Manufacturing and Control Drug Substance Lead
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Preclinical Safety Development Lead

‘Imagine curing a disease like cystic fibrosis. What a difference it would make!’

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Gert De Beckker

Head of Regulatory Affairs

As the Head of Regulatory Affairs, Gert De Beckker interacts with the different authorities around the world that regulate the development of medicinal products. ‘This doesn’t just require knowledge of all the legislative and guidance documents. I need to be able to interpret these guidance documents for our scientists so they understand what to look for and deliver. Of course, every molecule has different properties and different challenges, so none of the guidance documents are ever 100% applicable. We need to scientifically justify any deviations.’

‘Ultimately, the authorities will be given all the information including source data. In Regulatory Affairs, we set out the strategic lines of thinking and positioning of the data to make sure it highlights the key aspects. Most people in Regulatory Affairs have a scientific background; in my case, a MSc Biology. I’ve worked at a number of different pharma companies. The pipeline at Galapagos is very diverse. There are therapies in every stage and for a range of novel targets. I love this variety; it makes the work interesting and fresh.’ ‘Our pipeline targets novel therapies for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and fibrosis. We also have a program aiming to provide a treatment for cystic fibrosis. It combines three new chemical molecules with complementary modes of action. Imagine curing a disease like this. What a difference it would make!’

‘Galapagos is different from the other pharma companies I’ve worked at. People working here are extremely dedicated. They don’t just say what needs to be done, they also make it happen. This results in a very empowering, open-minded work culture.’

‘We have the freedom to try new approaches'

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Didier Schils

Senior Chemistry Lead in Development

It’s Didier’s job to oversee the synthesis and manufacture of the compounds in clinical development by establishing processes that allow them to be safely and efficiently made at scale. ‘I love chemistry. Finding new reactions or processes to make molecules is always challenging and interesting. And at Galapagos, we have the freedom to try new approaches. There’s a lot of responsibility and accountability in my job and I like making the decisions about how it’s done. Galapagos appreciates this and the work I do.’

Didier believes this approach increases efficiency and innovation. It’s in stark contrast to his experiences working at larger pharmaceutical companies. ‘Management listens at Galapagos. We are encouraged to share new ideas. If we think there’s a more efficient approach, we’re able to follow it. We don’t need to wait months for approval; we usually have a decision within a week. The communication is faster. It’s more open.’

According to Didier, the less hierarchical structure at Galapagos results in this open communication, as well as a friendlier working atmosphere. ‘There is a friendly atmosphere at Galapagos. There’s contact with people outside your own department. It’s easy to have a discussion about something other than your own work. And it’s cool: there are lunchtime presentations where people from other departments explain their work. You listen, ask questions and learn. There’s a positive vibe.’

‘If there is something I want to pursue, I’ve no doubts it will be possible’

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Martine Maruani

Chemical Manufacturing and Control Drug Substance Lead

Prior to joining the team at Galapagos recently, Martine had been working in the fine chemical industry for ten years, developing chemical processes for drug substances. While she enjoyed the chemistry and project management, she felt it was time for something new.

‘I had covered everything in the last job. But I still wanted to learn, to have more of a challenge.’ The biggest difference in her new job is that it puts her in contact with the downstream process of the development of a drug. ‘It’s opened up a whole new world. I have to think differently now. I interact with everyone who tests the drug substances. Where I was before, there was no bigger picture like there is here.’

The new approach ensures Martine keeps learning. But she says it is not just her. ‘At my interviews, I could see people from the company were open-minded. They were very interested in my opinion or approach to a particular problem. This was part of the reason I accepted this position.’ This initial impression has been proven true on the work floor. ‘My colleagues work together with wonderful team spirit. It’s not about the individual. The focus is always on the project. They want to see it succeed.’

‘There is plenty of opportunity to grow at Galapagos. I’d like to manage an entire project. Maybe in ten years. But who knows what will happen. If there is something I want to pursue, I’ve no doubts it will be possible here. I’m looking forward to it!’

‘We have to think outside the box’

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Malene Watzinger

Preclinical Safety Development Lead

For Malene, one of the major attractions of working with Galapagos is the variety in the day-to-day work. ‘We always work on different projects. I love this variety. Every project has different indications, different challenges and issues. We interact with people from several departments. And we all work at different speeds, with different approaches and different perspectives. It keeps me open-minded. And we keep learning from each other.’

This has also allowed Malene to expand her own boundaries. Her experience was previously based around small chemical entities. But now her horizons are growing broader. ‘We have some projects in partnership with external partners. One is with a specialist in anti-bodies. It’s completely different to what we normally do. It’s fascinating. All so new and interesting. We learn a lot. And we really have to think outside the box. The challenges are not what we usually come across. Fortunately, everyone at Galapagos is always ready to help each other.’

Malene appreciates the friendly work atmosphere. There is a level of understanding and flexibility that is vital to her: ‘I’ve got small children. The people I work with are very understanding about the demands this poses. Everyone is very helpful. We have a wonderful team spirit and a strong sense of camaraderie. There’s a canal near work where we often go jogging together in the lunch break. How special is that?’

Facts & Figures

At Galapagos, we have a little over 412 colleagues from 21 different nationalities

The average age of a Galapagos employee is 39,7 years

Over 50 new colleagues have joined since November '16

'We are the champions' by Queen is our number 1 song of all times

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