Senior Scientist Crystallography - Romainville,FR

Job description

Pleased to meet you, we are Galapagos, a dynamic fast growing Biotech company with offices in Europe in Belgium (Mechelen), France (Romainville & Paris), the Netherlands (Leiden), Switzerland (Basel), Italy (Milano), Spain (Madrid), the UK (London), Germany (München), and in the US (Boston).

We’re in the business of changing lives. In our quest to discover and develop life-improving medicines we go where no one has ever gone before. In every challenge we face, we see new opportunities. We want to challenge the impossible. We need thought leaders and rapid thinkers, entrepreneurs in spirit and status quo-fighters. Collaborative innovators and perseverant idealists. We need the best-in-class. In other words, we need you: The ‘make-it-happeners’.


We are looking for a Senior Scientist Protein Crystallography   - Romainville,FR 


The Protein Sciences department supports Galapagos’ drug discovery programs by providing high quality protein tools for HTS campaigns, in vitro assay development, small-molecule biophysical characterization (crystallography, NMR, SPR, MST...) and antibody identification. Within the team, a diverse set of expertise and technologies are present in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, protein purification, biophysical and structural protein characterization.


Scope of the job

You will be in charge of the purification and characterization of recombinant proteins used for internal drug discovery programs and oversee all structural biology activities within the company. You will combine a solid experience in all aspects of the gene to structure process, from construct design through structure refinement with the ability to work in a team-oriented, results-driven and multi-disciplinary environment.

 Your responsibilities

  • Supervise internal and external structural biology activities and maximize the impact of structural information in drug discovery programs and write scientific reports and contribute to scientific publications, patent authorship and grant or project proposals
  • Contribute to the design of protein constructs used for screening, assay development, biophysical and structural research
  • Provide structural expertise and advice to identify the best approach to modulate protein target functions
  • Actively participate to the preparation and characterization of research-grade proteins at mg scale levels (implementation of robust and efficient purification strategies for new protein targets and execution of experiments)
  • Provide critical analysis of the generated data and if needed propose alternatives to ensure delivery of proteins with sufficient quality and quantity for further research work
  • You contribute to the selection of CROs and collaborations to support Protein Sciences activities (mainly for Structural biology approaches)
  • Coach, supervise and motivate student(s), technician(s), scientist(s) and associate(s)
  • Represent the Protein Sciences team in project team meetings and report clearly generated data to maximize the scientific input


Job requirements

Who are you?

  • PhD degree with 4-6 years’ experience in structural biology, biophysics, biochemistry or related discipline
  • Thorough knowledge and hands-on experience with the different chromatography techniques used for protein purification (affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion,…) as well as Akta systems
  • Strong experience in protein crystallography (prior experience in protein-ligand crystallization and co-structure determination would be an advantage)
  • Hands-on experience with biophysical techniques to assess protein quality (SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, NanoDSF, …) and to measure and characterize protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions (SPR, MST, SEC-MALS, …)
  • Ability to master multiple projects in parallel through intense collaborations and adapt to fast-changing priorities
  • Excellent organizational skills and communication (in French and English, oral and written)

What's in it for you?

You will be part of a fast growing and amazing company. As ‘make-it-happener’ you will get all the support you need to make your job successful. At Galapagos we aim to recruit the best people, who stand out among their peers, with integrity and excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. Our employees are the strength behind Galapagos, a highly motivated team, eager to maintain Galapagos’ leading position and achieve breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research. Galapagos offers a competitive remuneration package and a dynamic work environment.


We are Galapagos: together we can make it happen…!